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About Us

African Response is an independently owned inclusive market research company, with the flexibility to conduct research anywhere in the country with a regional springboard into the rest of the African continent.

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Our Foundation

Research is a methodical investigation into a subject in order to discover facts, to establish or revise a theory, or develop a plan of action based on facts discovered.
Market Research is about people. Understanding people has been the focus of the African Response business since inception in 2003. We are continually redefining the way research is conducted. We find innovative ways to merge the latest technology with traditional ways people connect and keep connected.
The unique customs, beliefs and attitudes that abound the African continent can shape or misshape the research process. We continually strive to uncover better ways to understand our changing population in a world where change is unstoppable. We use these insights to help our clients to define, redefine and grow their business
The intensity and dynamics prevalent in the organisational landscape requires depth and flexibility to keep track of these changes and trends to inform winning strategies for winning organisations/brands

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision is to be an inclusive market research company delivering actionable insights solutions in Africa
Our Mission is to help organisations make informed decisions driven by actionable insights solutions through our:
  • collaborative approach,
  • access to the best resources and
  • use of cutting edge technology enabling real time delivery

Our CORE Values

African Response is built on a solid set of core values which guide the way we work with each other, our customers, stakeholders and our communities. Through Integrity, Partnership & Collaboration, Insight, Excellence and Innovation, we have created a vibrant African Response culture
As a Fully Fledged Inclusive Market Research Company, African Response has the flexibility to conduct research anywhere in the country and the African continent through a single point of contact in South Africa

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Partnership & Collaboration:

  • We work in collaboration with you
  • We share responsibilty for achieving your goals
  • We commit ourselves (emotionally and intellectually) to a course of action and we stay the course


  • We adhere to moral princials of honesty and transparency
  • We honour our obligations and commitment to deliver the best solutions for our clients
  • We hold in high regard the assets with which we are entrusted


  • We draw on our knowledge and experience to address your business needs
  • We have the ability and intuition to understand your business, and identifying hidden challenges
  • We have the capacity to discern the true nature of a situation and deliver the best solution


  • We deliver what we promise and add value to go beyond what is expected of us through agility, flexibilty and innovation
  • We have world class product, services and delivery capabilities
  • We are experts in our field, and are commited to deliver superior solutions to our customers
  • We have a proven track record and performance ethic that distunguishes us from our competitors


  • We bring new methods and processes to our cusomters and to the continent
  • We continuously improve and evolve our peformance, processes and programmes
  • We offer next generation solutions to customer's evolving needs

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Our Defining Milestones

In 2004, African Response made headlines in the research industry when it was awarded half of the South African Audience Research Foundation’s (SAARF’s) AMPS and RAMS survey to run until 2008.
In 2006, a series of presentations called “From Pap to Pasta to Sushi”, highlighting some of the recent changes in the Black market, including some common misconceptions and myths. These presentations were a popular reference point for the marketing and advertising industry in terms of the hobbies, beliefs and behaviours of the mainstream market.
In 2007, African Response commenced with the African Response 2010 Barometer, speaking to tens of thousands of South Africans about their thoughts on the country’s preparation ahead of the 2010 World Cup, gauging the national mood ahead of one of our greatest sporting events and opportunity to showcase our country. This barometer was published widely across all media in South Africa and was the benchmark for “measuring spirit” ahead of the tournament.
In 2011, African Response blew the lid off the Stokvel market and uncovered a multitude of valuable insights about this “Hidden Economy”. The  findings of the Stokvel study have become a popular reference point for businesses across different industries.  African Response now monitors and tracks changes within Stokvels, with the latest Stokvel study completed in 2014.
In 2012, African Response was part of the UCT Unilever Institute of Strategic Marketing project that helped redefine the Majority market [Bottom of the Pyramid]. The Majority report is widely used by many businesses as a basis to inform strategy.
In 2015, with the quest to drive the transformation agenda forward within the market research industry, African Response recently became one of the few medium size market research companies to be 100% black owned and managed by highly driven, passionate, knowledgeable and entrepreneurial individuals.